My stride carries my judgment as my sight avoids the gaze,
of a man who is no more, a humiliated life engrossed by the haze,

Muffled voices of the lost burst forth with great silence,
longing for approval and a day that shines a new cadence,

Emptiness marks the taste that washes over their lips,
dripping bitter with the envy of a life that has no eclipse,

Dejected, they hope no more for to hope is to fail,
they crush their own dreams, for the night’s mind is a violent exhale,

Disappointment is the blanket that chills their soul,
as they consider unending sleep their only way to be whole,

Shattered and hopeless lives pregnant with despair,
hard-pressed to comprehend what is seemingly unfair,

Grieving their loneliness, absent a voice that will care,
they succumb to their burden that no one will share,

My pace chooses ignorance, I long for the sight to fade away,
feeling shamed for I am afraid, I offer nothing, and say.

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