Eternally bound

A disheartened voice cries violently in the empty streets,
I listen longingly, but it does not hear me.

A waning echo quickly fades, vanishing into the night,
I pursue it breathlessly, but it cannot be found.

The dredging depth of my soul aches for just one other,
I race after hope, but to myself alone I am bound.

A jaded plea beckons the city, seeking just one soul to answer,
I attend to the reply yet it eludes me and still I am not made free.

Anguish is the torn veil through which my heart absorbs the darkness,
Pain is the lackluster crown that crushes my gaze to the ground,
Agony is the faded ring that weighs me low with broken promises,
Pity is the never-ending train that haunts my every step.

The mocking voice in the silence of the world harkens,
I condemn myself for myself is the only sad song that my heart will sound.

A compassionate voice cries victoriously upon a hillside outside the city,
I listen gratefully; it hears my every plea.

An eternal echo breaks through the day, vanquishing the night,
I pursue it, excitement in my breath, and in it life is found.

The highest hope of my soul yearns for just one other,
Hope has run to me, and to it alone I will forever be bound.

Perfection beckons humanity, there is just one soul with the answer,
I am obliged to reply, it will not elude me and now I am made free.

Amazement is the veil through which my heart is absorbed into the light,
Glory is the crown that adorns the reflection of my redeemed soul,
Acceptance is the ring that raises my spirit high with loving promises,
Grace is the never-ending train that carries me to my final destination.

The gentle voice of the Savior of the world beckons;
I am enraptured by his glad song to which I am eternally bound.


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