First or Lasting Impressions?

Curb appeal when searching for a new house
The character of the neighborhood after dark
Anxiety upon noticing there are no prices on the menu
The cleanliness of the bathroom
Teeing off for the first time
A hole in one
The wrinkles of a man’s suit
The humility with which he prays
When you see her smile from across the room
When she walks down the aisle to say I do
Your first smell of coffee
Your first taste of coffee
The color of a ball-cap in Los Angeles
The color of a California sunset
The opening line of a movie
Needing another tissue as the credits roll
The sight of a baby on an airplane
The sound of a crying baby in a birthing room
Seeing the Miami skyline at sunrise
The New York skyline without the Twin Towers
A firm handshake
Realizing that your grandpa can never give you another hug
A political slogan
Discovering that the politician really means it
Picking up a baseball
Opening Day at Fenway Park
An undeniable truth – “Thou shalt not kill.”  Exodus 20:13
An unbelievable typo – “Thou shalt kill.” – Exodus 20:13, 1914 misprint in an English Bible

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