A response to the doxology

“Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise him, all creatures here below;
Praise him above, ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Amen.”
What does this song, penned in 1674 by Thomas Ken tell me? It tells me to offer praise. What is praise? I call it an expression identifying the recipients worth, similar to worship. My church calls worship our active, all of life response to who God is and what he does. This song tells me that this being, whom we call God, who calls himself, “I AM,” is the source of all blessing and all goodness. The fact that the blessings flow, as stated in the song, indicate direction, as water moves through a channel in the ground, from place to place, it flows. God is not the keeper of all that is good, rather he is also the sender of all that is good. Sender to whom? The creatures here below. The creatures on earth. All of creation, presumably most importantly the blessings flow to the ones made in their image, us humans. We are to praise God because of the blessing that he offers out of the goodness that He is.

But what about the heavenly hosts? Are they too recipients of the active blessings of God? I do not know. Surely they must be recipients of the goodness of God if there must be a delineation between the goodness and blessing?  Is it possible to be in the presence of God and not respond to him? Of course, humans do this all the time, they are ignorant of the presence of God or they judge God, or they themselves pretend to be God thus dismissing God as a lesser god, an impotent god. But, what is the cause of the worship, the praise of the heavenly hosts? Why do they worship? My guess, they worship who He is!

We selfish creatures here below, having free will, wanting what we judge to be as valuable, important, worthwhile, we often only respond to God’s blessing, flowing to us, because that is what we want, the good that God gives.  We settles for the gift while often ignoring the giver.  What if there is no flow, no blessing? How must we respond? Why to his worth of course. We must respond to who He is, regardless of what he does in our lives, just as the heavenly hosts do.

What about who God is? Do we know?  Well it is very simple, he is Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

What is my response, will I praise?