What is the one true thing?

theonetruethingSo, I’ve started re-reading a book by Howard Baker called the one true thing; it is a hidden gem from NavPress. Here is a thought as I review my notes from the introduction

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6)

From the book: (as Baker presents the structure of the following chapters) “Since most activities in life begin with desire, part 1 (of each chapter) is about desiring and seeking the one thing. Desire leads to decision, so part 2 discusses choosing the one thing. When we choose in the same direction repeatedly, those choices become our character, our values. Part 3 describes what it means to value one thing.”

  1. Desire and Seek
  2. Decide
  3. Value

Would you take a moment and consider this in your own life? Apply it where it meets you most, at home, at work, at school, at church, with family, with friends, with community, past, present, future.

What do you desire and spend time and energy seeking?
When you make decisions, why do you choose the one good thing instead of another good thing?
What have you grown to value?

I was once challenged to consider whether I love God or just God’s word. Which do I value more? I appreciated the exhortation. Today I am reflecting a little on what I do value, what is important to me? Well, if I look at my decisions and what I spend time and energy seeking, then I will likely discover what I am learning to value. That is where I am, contemplating. Where are you?

What does it mean when Jesus says He is the way?         To what? From what?
What does it mean when Jesus says He is the truth?       What is truth? Where did it come from?
What does it mean when Jesus says He is the life?           What is life? What is the meaning of life?

That is all I got. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Now go pray and reflect and stop reading my drivel.