Jeans at Work?

Just for fun. This is a text message I sent to my guest services team at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center on a snowy day in December 2014

Dear little children,
Rudolph suggests that today is a nice pair of denim jeans day. In an attempt to confirm the sentiment I have spoken with Frosty.  The snowman says he has no opinion as he only wears a hat and does not have one made of denim.   The little drummer boy says he always exchanges his trousers for jeans when there is a white Christmas.  Mrs.Claus says she often dons jeans when it is time to deck the halls and this brings her much joy. To the world, and to the elves, denim is sustainable as it is made of cotton and environmentally sound as it is long lasting, thus they say come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant.  Basically they are threatening to strike and move to the south of France if i do not capitulate and and invite you all to have yourselves a merry little Christmas. Hark, the herald angels sing lamenting that they cannot were Levis when they go to certain churches, even in winter. Wonderland shmonderland, some churches are mean ones Mr. Grinch.  So, this may not be one of the twelve days of Christmas but it surely leads to an o, holy night. If you find that this is equally suitable to you, you may wear jeans today.

Happy June 21st, the first day of summer.