Ecclesiastes – Overview

dsDuring the next six weeks we will be reading, studying, praying about and discussing six major themes of the Book of Ecclesiastes.  Each week will have some assigned reading, some optional reading, some questions and even some creative exercises either in preparation for our time together or during our time together.  We may event watch a little video clip here and there.

Reading assignments will consist of all 12 chapters of Ecclesiastes as well as some other snippets that will be included in the weekly materials.  You will not need to read anything other books, just the Bible and a handout and maybe something online.  Though to ensure that you do not feel that this is a little cultish, feel free to read whatever you want whenever you want….

So what is our goal?  It is our desire that we gain a better understanding of life from the perspective of God, through his word, by the inspiration of The Holy Spirit, to the glory of Jesus.  Together we will discuss:

  •             What should/could I be doing with the rest of my life?
  •             If God has plans for me, how do I know?
  •             What are the different voices and worldviews calling for my attention?  What can I do about it?
  •             What does it look like to live in-this-world-but-not-of-it?
  •             What does the bible tell me about God?  What He command me to do?

 Our Reading Plan

  • WEEK 1            Chapters 1 and 2                     Introduction, Start with why
  • WEEK 2            Chapters 3 and 4                     What time do my friends come over?
  • WEEK 3            Chapters 5 and 6                     No one can serve two masters
  • WEEK 4            Chapters 7 and 8                     The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
  • WEEK 5            Chapters 9 and 10                   The wise know death is coming
  • WEEK 6            Chapters 11 and 12                 God loved you first

Need a detailed reading plan?  Print this PDF  Ecclesiastes Reading Plan


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