Ecclesiastes – Week 2


Chapters 3 and 4

“What time is it?”  How often do you ask that question in a day?  A week?  A month?  A Lifetime?  We ask for the time because we want to be on time, we want to leave work on time we want to turn on the t.v. on time.  We ask the question focusing on the moment, forgetting that by the time we get a reply the answer is no longer accurate.

Time is fleeting.  Passing by.  It began.  It will end, sort of….

Time.  How long does it take to get to the airport?  How long will it take before our table is ready?  How long will it take me to watch the entire series of The West Wing?  Ridiculously there is an answer to that.

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How long will it take?

According to it takes 6 days and 10 hours to watch all 7 seasons of The West Wing.  Almost as long as it took God to create the world.  I’ve done it 3 times.  18 days and 30 hours or 19 days and 6 hours.

So, how long will it take me to watch the entire series of Friends?


Ecclesiastes Handout – Week 2 – What time do my friends come over


Michael Jr. Week 2 Image

Michael Jr. asks, “Do you know your punchline?  Who you are to be caring for?”  (3o minutes)


At the end of the night I sent the group out with a little homework, to examine the competing voices between what the world says your life SHOULD look like in coming decades vs. what God INVITES you to do in your coming years.

Week 2 – Exercise – Talking to God about a lifelong plan




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