Sabbath~Part 2 of 2

The traditional Jewish understanding of Sabbath is closely related to the concept of an island in time. How do you envision this word picture? An Island in Time                  Does your mind gravitate to a solid mass surrounded by a liquid flow? Do you see a wisp of smoke passing from a piece of coal? … Continue reading Sabbath~Part 2 of 2


Sabbath~Part 1 of 2

Recently I was watching an interview with Pastor Jon Tyson of New York; he shared an observation about the Sabbath.  The following is my paraphrase and amplification: We all understand that the creation account in Genesis records 7 days of activity. Not 6 days, but 7 days. For 6 days God created “creation”. On the 6th … Continue reading Sabbath~Part 1 of 2