Sabbath~Part 2 of 2

The traditional Jewish understanding of Sabbath is closely related to the concept of an island in time. How do you envision this word picture? An Island in Time                  Does your mind gravitate to a solid mass surrounded by a liquid flow? Do you see a wisp of smoke passing from a piece of coal? … Continue reading Sabbath~Part 2 of 2


Holiday Trees and Jesus Cakes?

What would happen if bakers decided to follow the precedent of big box stores and simply change the name of the offending item?  It worked for Lowe's- no more Christmas trees for your living room, just Holiday trees.  Nothing to see here folks.  Move along. So, what if bakers stopped selling the delectable flour, sugar … Continue reading Holiday Trees and Jesus Cakes?

Take me out to the ballgame

(Originally Posted:May, 2006 - Re-posted in honor of today's Red Sox season opener against the Phillies) take me out to the ballgame... take me out to the crowd... is there anything more american than america's pastime- baseball? love it or hate it, baseball defines eras of history. it sets points of reference for discussion. it … Continue reading Take me out to the ballgame