Your Life and Psalm 48

How often do we consider the God we serve, his worth, his name, his holiness, but fail to understand and justify these things in our own minds. How often do we see the works of God yet ignore the impact his ways have on us? How often do we fail to believe because we do … Continue reading Your Life and Psalm 48


Is pleasing God really the cure?

This is a brief devotion that I developed based on the content of one of my favorite books, The Cure.  Learn more at If you had to choose only one pursuit, one lifelong-devotion, for the rest of your days, Pleasing God or Trusting God, which would you choose? In a place called the Room … Continue reading Is pleasing God really the cure?

31 Days Toward Trusting God

This remarkable little book, 31 Days Toward Trusting God, tells the story of Jerry Bridges' faith as it grew through suffering.  31 simple chapters propel the reader through a serious of thought provoking questions and scriptures.  Our Guest Services team of 20 employees at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center read this book together through the … Continue reading 31 Days Toward Trusting God